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Computation Fluency: Addition & Subtraction of Whole Numbers


Computation Fluency offers the learner more complex multi-step and multi-digit practice in the 4 operations of column addition, subtraction with regrouping, long multiplication, and long division. We created different levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division slices. The first level requires mastery of only the first 4 slices in our corresponding math facts program, the second level requires fluency with 7 slices, the third requires 10 slices, and so on, until the final level that requires fluency with all corresponding math facts. Therefore you can select computation practice slices that require only the math facts that the learner has mastered! Computation practice involves a series of 3- to 5-minute timing periods. Additional Morningside Computation Fluency programs include multiplication & division fractions, and decimals. Students engage in timed practice counting both number correc,and number of errors, until they reach specified frequency aims.

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Math cover #1.jpg
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