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Reading Mastery Signature Edition Grade K Sounds Fluency


Reading Mastery Signature Edition Grade K (McGraw Hill, 2008) is a 136 lesson Direct Instruction reading program designed to efficiently introduce the essential elements of the reading code to low-performing and beginning readers.

Morningside’s accompanying see-say fluency workbook provides three versions of each of ten slices to practice new skills through seeing and saying sounds, word parts, and words. Ten additional cumulative slices reinforce skills mastered along the way. This fluency program can also be used with Reading Mastery Classic 1 (McGraw Hill, 2003).

Students should be given each slice after successful completion of specific lessons in Reading Mastery Signature Edition Grade K. The list of slices, sounds in each slice, and what lessons each slice should follow is available in the Table of Contents for this program.

For best results, students should demonstrate accuracy in the sounds presented in each slice before starting on frequency building timings. For example, Slice 1 features the sounds for a, m, s, e, and r. Once students have completed RMSE Lesson 26 and can accurately read those sounds, they are ready to start practicing to fluency with celeration!

There are also ten Cumulative Slices. Once students have achieved the frequency AIM for Slices 1 and 2, they should proceed to Cumulative Slice 1-2. Once they've achieved the frequency AIM on that slice, they'll continue to Slice 3, then Slice 4, then Cumulative Slice 3-4. This cumulative pattern will continue throughout the program.

At the end of the program there is one Review Slice, where students will read sounds, word parts, and words from all ten slices.

*The Table of Contents also lists the progression of slices that accompany the "Fast Cycle" version of Reading Mastery Signature Grade K for above-average readers. More information about how to use the Fast Cycle can be found in the Reading Mastery Signature Edition: Series Guide for the Reading Strand (ISBN: 978-0-07-612675-0).

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