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Writing Persuasive Compositions: Teacher Presentation Book


Writing Persuasive Compositions is a 55-lesson program for teaching middle and high school students how to write persuasive compositions, including how to write (a) a thesis statement that can be argued, (b) major points to support a thesis statement, (c) minor points to support each major point, and (d) how to write connecting words to link sentences, and connecting words and transition sentences to link paragraphs.

The program also uses the context of writing persuasive compositions to teach many component writing skills, including (a) complete sentences vs. fragments and run-ons, (b) subject-verb agreement, (c) general, specific, and more specific writing, (d) subject vs. object pronouns, (e) general vs. specific verbs, (f) double negatives, (g) sentence combining, and (h) a variety of mechanics including capitalization, use of commas, and apostrophes.  

 Writing Persuasive Compositions is a complete program, with scripted lessons in a Teacher Presentation Book, and a consumable Student Workbook

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